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Video Image Presentation Systems has designed and implemented interactive applications (more info) for over 10 years. Designing custom software and hardware when necessary (and cost effective for our clients), we implement Interactive and Multimedia applications and systems, do CD-Rom projects, design and implement Videodisc kiosks and exhibits, and provide Internet World Wide Web pages or other services to suit a client's needs.

The development of good, ongoing relationships with customers is usually the project goal, though that may take many forms. In this age of technology, the use of a variety of communication techniques is sometimes beneficial: mail, advertising, and various forms of electronic customer support. Coordinated use of the available media can be very cost-effective in building and keeping a group of satisfied customers.

With this WWW site, we attempt to provide you with information about the services offered by Video Image Presentation Systems.

Secondarily, we are using it show you some examples of what can be accomplished with the World Wide Web. Think of your own text and pictures on the screens you see here - these are just samples of many of the effects available. For example, one can put pictures or graphics on the left or right or on both sides of a paragraph (as seen above).

While animation and more elaborate graphic effects are possible, they will often make your Web Pages too slow for some people to tolerate visiting again.

Due to the limitations on the spped of information transfer, each item on a web page should be designed to be informative, entertaining, or useful to the user - and fast enough to not hinder effective and convenient use of the page.

Note: The following are samples of real web pages.
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Note: The following are experimental samples of possible
web pages and techniques. Though some mention real companies,
they do not represent real products or services for sale.

Note: The following are interesting, useful, or different web sites.
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Look at examples of on-line information-collection forms.

Try examples of Interactive forms.

Look at several examples of tables.

Look at some examples of image map usage.

Try to access a Password Protected group of pages.
As our GUEST, try to GUESS what the password is.

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